Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (MA) 

Our MA program is open to those candidates who have completed a BA program in Economy and are interested in entrepreneurship and business management as well as those who wish to develop their economic literacy in order to run their businesses efficiently or to improve their position on the labour market. Candidates with a BA specialization from other fields can also complete this MA program with the condition that they collect the required number of credits at an Economy-based BA program.

The order of admitted candidates is determined by the grade acquired at the graduate exam; in the case of equal scores, the grade point average (GPA) of the three years is considered.

In our Entrepreneurship and Business Adminsitration Master Programme - besides economists who have followed BA's specializations at Partium Christian University - are welcome specialists from other fields who need to develop their managerial skills, start their own business, want to promote at work or to improve their position on the labor market.

The main focusing areas in entrepreneurship and business development will be:business team meeting boardroom 925x

  •     Management and investment strategies
  •     Human resources development and personal managerial skills
  •     Regional Competitiveness and risk management
  •     Project management and financial flows
  •     Management of integrated services and production processes.

MA Programs admission dates:

Enrolment: 15-25 July 2019

Entrance exam: 26-27 July 2019

Registration: 29-31 July 2019

Tuition fee in the 2019–2020 academic year:

» MA Courses – 2000 RON/year